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Welcome to Shantiratn Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Nasha Mukti Kendra

Nasha Mukti Kendra

It causes disturbance in the society and hence acts as a stressor for people of all ages. It is the most important trigger for consumption of illicit drugs in the capital and you can join nasha mukti kendra in Delhi for drugs and alcohol.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Rehabilitation Centre

One thing that Shanti Ratn makes is the best rehabilitation centre in Delhi for our experienced and erudite professionals who are helping our patients to avail appropriate treatment for a number of years.

De Addiction Centre in Delhi

De Addiction Centre

Getting accustomed to any substance that is harmful to a human body is really a matter of concern. If you are not worrying about it then this is the time that you should do it and join our de addiction centre in Delhi.

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Drugs and Alcohol

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects millions of people around the world. Addiction is a relapsing brain disease defined by a psychological and physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. When an addiction disorder hits, a person obtains toxic habits that can put themselves or others in danger. Shanti Ratan Foundation is a rehabilitation centre in Delhi which helps drug or alcohol addicts to become sober by giving them appropriate treatment.

Addiction impacts the way the person thinks acts and feels. Moreover, they lose control over their actions. Extended substance abuse may result in a toxic cycle of addiction, where a person continues dring alcohol or using drugs to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal. There are many reasons why someone will try and addictive substance. Some use to relieve stress, some because of peer pressure and curiosity. Children who are living around people who use the drug have a greater risk of developing drug addiction or alcoholism.

Delhi Best Rehab Centre

In rehabilitation centre in Delhi, the patient is examined for the symptoms. An examination is important because it can help the doctor to give you a suitable treatment. Some treatments are impatient programs where you or your loved ones have to stay at a treatment centre of several days, weeks or months depending upon the extremity of addiction.

On the other hand, there is an outpatient program where you can stay at your home and visit the centre for treatment. For some people, the treatment lasts for the rest of their life whereas, for some, it lasts only for a short period.

Best Treatment Centre for Drugs and Alcohol

Discharge from the rehab centre is typically given after 30 to 90 days but may extend as 18 months. This is when you become completely sober and ready to take up the responsibilities of your own and your family. Identifying drug abuse is a complicated process. While some symptoms of addictive behavior are obvious. Some obvious symptoms are as follows:

Rehab Centre in Delhi
  • An addict will try to cut back on the use of drugs but is unable to do so.
  • The person will tend to use the substance in larger amounts than the person originally intended.
  • The person experiences an intense urge to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Drug use takes priority over school, work or home.
  • The person will stop engaging in social and family activities.
  • A person may turn arrogant and destructive.
  • Users may develop unusual sleeping disorders.
  • A person may develop sudden mood swings and behavior changes.
  • A change in his/ her physical appearance is clearly seen like he may lose weight suddenly, development of dark circles, wrinkles and much more.

It is usually the initial step in treatment. This involves cleaning up the addictive substance from the body and limiting withdrawal reactions. Many rehabilitation centre in Delhi use medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms and to detoxify the body.

Counseling and Behavioral Therapies

This process is carried out after detoxification treatment. A person has to attend several counseling sessions in which the professional psychologists will ask him some questions regarding a person's habit of drug use, it’s origin and reason.

Recovery Housing

This includes a short term stay in the rehabilitation centre to help drug addict engage with certain responsibilities to adopt an independent and a new life without on-going drug or alcohol use. Recovery housing includes advice on finding work, handling finances and developing relationships with family and good friends.


Certain medications, when taken continuously may help in preventing relapses, reduce cravings and cure certain mental and physical problems developed due to addiction. Most people use medication during detoxification to reduce withdrawal symptoms and anti-nausea medication are some medicines used to treat the patient.

Music and Art Therapy

Music and art therapy help the patient to develop new skills and focus on something outsides of themselves. It also helps a person to get relaxed and elevates their mood. The music and art therapy works to build responsibility, good habits, impulse control, and self-reliance.

Self Help Groups

In self-help groups, the individual meat others with the same addictive disease which often reduces the feeling of isolation and boosts motivation. Equine therapy involves training with, interacting with and caring for horses under the supervision of an expert.

Rehabilitation Centre FAQ’s

What are the signs of addiction?
Someone I know is an addict. How can I help them?

An acquaintance of yours is an addict, do not try to interfere with consumption as he or she may become violent. Do not try to take away his or her poison. Instead, you can contact us about the problem, and we will provide assistance.

I would like to volunteer at one of your centres. How can I apply?

Yes, we have many volunteers, such as physiotherapists, psychologists, physicians, and social workers. Contact us for more information.

Rehabilitation centre in Delhi

If you or your loved ones are suffering from drug addiction, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Choosing a good rehabilitation center in Delhi means selecting a facility that can offer the kind of treatment and care that help you get sober, offer follow-up care to help you adjust without the use of drugs and alcohol. The selection of a legit rehabilitation centre in Delhi depends upon various factors like how they approach treatment, and what they offer, so choosing a good one is crucial. Call Shanti Ratan Foundation to seek help for the drug addict.

Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Delhi

The number of sessions reduces as the improvement is seen. There are several therapies used such as:

Behavioral Therapies

Cognitive-behavioral therapies help the person to change the way of thinking.

Motivational Interviewing

It will maximize a person's willingness to make adjustments or change behaviors.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy sessions are conducted by the experts in which yoga is performed.


In Aromatherapy, the room is filled with the soothing fragrance of flowers.

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